Friday, October 16, 2009

Lotte Black Black Gum

A big shoutout of thanks to my friends at J-List for sending me today's Gum Week selection: Lotte Black Black Gum.

The cute little blurb on the package says that Black Black has "Hi-Technical Excellent Taste and Flavor." If that doesn't scream nerdy happiness, nothing ever will. I'm not sure exactly what
"Hi-Technical Excellent Taste and Flavor" is supposed to mean -- but I can tell you that what makes Black Black so great is that it contains sweet, sweet caffeine. 5 mg of caffeine to be exact. If you consider that your standard can of Coke Classic has 40 mg, that is really not all that much -- but, good nerd that I am, I will take what caffeine I can get.

The taste of Black Black is interesting. It starts off with a really intense menthol kick. Notice I said menthol and not simply mint: the first few times you have the gum, I warn you that it's almost like chewing a stick of edible Vicks VapoRub. But once you get past the initial shock, you actually start craving the burn -- sort of like with a good hot sauce.

I think it also has a tea tree oil flavor, or something similar. Strong and woodsy. The gum also features chrysanthemum flower, ginkgo, and oolong tea extracts.

I find the look of the gum cool. It's a soft charcoal gray-black, so it complements my wardrobe! (OK, that was a really stupid reason to like anything for.)

Not for the faint of heart, but if you like strong flavors and and/or caffeine it's a must try!


Provided by J-List.

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