Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trident Layers: Green Apple & Golden Pineapple Gum

One of the things I love most about "back to school" time is that there always seems to be a rush of new gum flavors released.

Trident has introduced the Layers line. Layers feature two different fruit flavors stacked together.

Who doesn't love green apple and pineapple? Well, honestly, I had my doubts after smelling it. Once you crack open the plastic wrapper, the smell that wafts up -- and by "wafts" I mean slaps you so hard your mama feels it -- is like the stink of 1000 bad pineapple car air fresheners. If this gum were the new kid in school, based on first impressions, it would be sitting alone at lunch. Forever.

Based on the outer package, I had thought that the gum would have one layer of pineapple sandwiched between two layers of green apple. But the gum itself is actually the opposite -- one layer of apple between two layers of pineapple.

Upon chewing, it's the pineapple that stands out first. It's sweet and sour in a not-so-great way. As the pineapple quickly dies away, the sour of the green apple takes over. It's not even a pleasant sour -- it's a soupy weak sour. AND it has this weird, minty, almost menthol burn. As that mercifully dies down, the gum then takes on a chemical taste that's like leftover fruit, mint and artificial sweeteners.

I like the idea of this gum. The actual gum is just vile.



Yum Yucky said...

I can't believe how gum has changed. Back in the 80's, it was spearmint or the hot flavor in Big Red. I'm getting old(er).

Gigi said...

Tell me about it!

Ken said...

Stay off the pipe - this stuff ROCKS !!!!

Ken said...

You GOTTA be kidding me......this stuff ROCKS.. Not since Wrigley's "5" Zing came out have I been so in love with a gum.

Gigi said...

I feel safe to say you like this gum far more then I ever will!

I do agree with you that the 5 Zing! is pretty darn good.

anna said...

I love this gum and the smell of it! Not getting the same sourness you described.

Michelle said...

I totally love this gum. It is refreshing and sweet and puckering all at the same time. I mean, I will change it up all the time and not chew it for hours... but this is the best gum since Eclipse made the Lemon Mint gum that tasted like cough drops!

Melanie said...

OH... I really like this gum!!!!!!! I'm a sucker for new gum flavors and this one, along with the other layers flavor, is really good!

Gigi said...

Anna, Michelle, Melanie:
I have a feeling this is one of those products-- Like the Blueberry Muffin Mini Wheat's that I am going to be the odd chick out.

I have tried multiple pieces and just can't get into it. But that just means more for the rest you!

ebidebby said...

I just posted a review of this gum, too, and I have to agree with you! It made my mouth feel stale, and I was so hoping for pineapple.

The Orbit Pina Colada gum, on the other hand, is delicious!

Sarah said...

I tried the strawberry and tangy citrus. It hits you hard at first but now I crave it.

Gigi said...

Send over a link to your review, I would be happy to add the link to mine.

I actually have the Orbit's in my gum stash I just haven't gotten to it yet.

Just like with the Orbit I have this gum as well, I just haven't gotten to try it yet. But I am glad to hear one positive opinion of it, gives me some hope.

ebidebby said... That's my review, thanks!

I hope I don't inflate your hopes for the Pina Colada. I found it really tasty, though!

erin said...

A+ Trident

ls14267 said...


M said...

The flavour is pretty good. Good combo.
However, I find that when you first start chewing, the gum has a bit of a waxy texture to it.
But once you get by that, it's not so bad.
The flavour does dissipate quickly, but that's gum.