Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale

I love ginger ale. But it's one of those sodas that doesn't have a whole lot of variety. Sure, you see the odd raspberry or cranberry ginger ales, but it's not like there are many new options out there.

Well, here at last, is a new one.

I had been jonesing for some diet Canada Dry, when right next to the twelve pack I was going to pick up, was the new Canada Dry green tea ginger ale. Woohoo! Kick ass!

While it doesn't appear to come in a diet version (or if it does, I haven't seen it), it boasts that it's enhanced with 200mg of antioxidants from green tea, plus vitamin C. But you know what? I couldn't care less if it has any nutritional value, because it is just that good!

This ginger ale is very lightly carbonated -- yet not so lightly as to be flat. The green tea adds a slightly sweet note, which is just a little on the spearmint side. And the crisp zip of the ginger cuts through the overall sweetness, leaving a brisk, clean taste. All the various flavor notes are good, and the balance between them is perfect. Honestly, there is just not enough bandwidth to tell you how great this is!

Officially my favorite soda since Coke Zero! And my second favorite Canadian export since Douglas Coupland.

Albertsons Supermarket


Cybele said...

Awesome! Where did you find it?

Way too many fonts going on with that packaging.

Gigi said...

I got my twelve pack at Albertson's

And yes, it is like someone in graphics discovered a free font website and went nuts.

It is embarrassing to admit we have made a steady clip of the case. (full calorie soda is a sometimes food in this house)