Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doritos Collisions: Cheesy Enchilada & Sour Cream

There is just something wrong with the world when I am watching Anthony Bourdain and drooling over the all the great things he gets to eat, and the best thing I have in my house is a bag of Doritos.

Don't get me wrong. I looooove me some Doritos every now and then. It's just hard to go from watching Bourdain eating crab in garlic sauce, fresh oysters and freshly made Middle Eastern foods, and then I eat...well, Doritos.

Oh well, be that as it may...the Doritos "Collisions" line consists of two different flavors of chips mixed together in one handy bag. This bag was like Mexican food when you are too lazy or...um...relaxed to go get real Mexican food...

The Cheesy Enchilada chip, pictured below:

Yes, it features that alarming, kinda radioactive-looking orange color that reminds one of hunter's vests or Muppet skin (hunting for Muppets, perhaps?). I really tried to get deep into the flavor and figure out what -- if anything -- made it taste enchilada-like. Or at least less like the classic nacho flavor. And the best answer I could come up with is that it's the standard nacho chip with extra "cheese" powder and a bit of cumin. It was about as close to an actual enchilada as a Taco Bell Enchirito. But in much the same way that an Enchirito is so bad it's good, so is the Enchilada chip.

Next, the Sour Cream chip:

I am a sour cream lover. I'm one of those freaks who will put it on pretty much everything and anything.

But I can live without the crunchy version. Take everything good about sour cream (or, failing that, even other sour cream flavored chips) and all you're left with is a sort of sour corn chip. And it's a weird sour. Kinda like sour cream that was left in the sun rather than real sour cream. It's not horrible, not even all that bad...but I sure wouldn't buy an entire bag of them.

If you eat both chips together...well, about all I can say is that you've eaten them together at that point, and nothing much has changed. If you liked the "Tacos At Midnight" flavor then this one is probably right up your alley. I myself am sticking to the Spicy Nacho flavor (aww...dude...)

Albertsons Supermarket


Jim said...

Wahey loving the photos! Some great shots.

I am a big fan of Doritos they are always my choice of crisp. One thing that does annoy me about the selection we get here in the UK though is that we can't get smaller packs of just the lighlty salted ones.

Oh well ... I enjoyed reading this review even though I will never get to taste them


Gigi said...

The enchilada flavor grows on you. I still am not a big fan of the sour cream.

You would probably love seeing the selection of Doritos flavors we have available I think at any given time there are roughly 8 or 9 (if not more) different ones. I wish they would do a Flaming Hot version (if there is one other then the Munchies mix I have never seen them)

The credit for the pictures goes to Chris who has taken over photo/graphics duty. So I will give him a pat on the head!

Yum Yucky said...

SOLD! I'd eat the whole bag.

Gigi said...

Is it a greedy sometimes food?