Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taco Bell Frutista Freeze: Piña Colada

I like getting caught in the rain, I'm not really into yoga, and on a good day I have half a brain. And sometimes I like a GOOD piña colada.

Please note emphasis of the word GOOD.

Granted, I was not expecting the work of a first-rate bartender to come out of Taco Bell, but there are some pretty decent non-alcoholic piña colada flavored drinks out there. (Sobe Lizard Blizzard, just to name one.)

Unfortunately, this Frutista Freeze is not one of them.

The beverage is satisfyingly thick -- sort of like an extra slushy Icee/Slurpee. While it looks very creamy, the flavor is all about the entirely too bitter pineapple and the super-fake coconut. There is an underlying sweetness but I couldn't tell you what it's from; standard corn syrup would be my guess. Finally, the whole thing is topped with chunks of canned pineapple, which was actually the best part.

Come to think of it, that was the only part that was any good. So why spend the money on this Frutista Freeze, when you can buy canned pineapple far cheaper, and sprinkle it upon any cold drink you wish? I have no answer for that...and I doubt Taco Bell does either.

This is yet another Frutista Freeze flavor I will be skipping in the future.

Taco Bell

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