Friday, September 4, 2009

Naked Juice Bare Breeze Watermelon Chill

Here in cheerful Southern California we are truly in the dog days of summer. It's nasty hot, in the high 90s and low 100s, it's humid, and the air is dense and foul with smoke from all the brush fires. If there was ever a time when something cold and refreshing sounds not merely good, but's right now.

Watermelon juice is something that, when done right -- not too sweet, not too thick -- is a thing of beauty. But if done badly, it's sour, thick, grainy, undrinkable. Props to Naked for being able to find that perfect middle ground.

Watermelon Chill is a blend of watermelon and lime flavors. Naked uses 100% juice with no artificial adjuncts. The Watermelon Chill does use other juices such as white grape juice, apple juice, and strawberry puree. But even with those added ingredients, the flavor is unquestionably watermelon and lime to a lesser extent. The juice is also perfectly smooth, with a texture most similar to grape juice.

The drink starts off with the sweet melon. It's as if you bit into the most juicy, ripe slice of watermelon ever! You almost expect the grainy, slushy mouthfeel that you would get from the bite. Then, as the sweetness wears away, the tartness of the lime kicks in. It's not sour enough to cause a case of Cat Butt Face, but it is enough to keep the watermelon from tasting more like a Jolly Rancher than the real thing.

This is one of those drinks that I can think of a million uses for. I bet it would make great popsicles. It could be a good mixer with alcohol. Ice cubes made from it could be added to tea, limeades, etc...oh, the mind wanders so happily...

If you love watermelon, this is definitely worth a try!


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