Monday, September 28, 2009

Safeway Select Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream

Sometimes I think I am an ice cream snob.

There are very few times you will see a review of an ice cream (or "frozen dairy product") here that is not a major name brand. It's not that I have anything against store brands on principle -- in fact, I was quite fond of the Publix supermarket's brand of peppermint ice cream. It's just that as someone who is not on the best of terms with lactose
(believe it or not, with all the dairy I eat), I want a lot of bang for my buck. And let's face it: most of the time, that means going with the super premium brands.

But doesn't Chocolate Truffle ice cream just sound good? It's a chocolate ice cream base with swirls of milk chocolate sauce and truffle pieces. Yes, it certainly did sound good.

As for the taste...well...

The base ice cream has a pretty decent flavor. It's a mildly cocoa type of Dutch chocolate and it's quite generic. Not strong, not complex, but not bad.

The milk chocolate syrup, in terms of both taste and texture, is exactly as if someone had squirted some Hershey's syrup onto the chocolate ice cream. It adds a stronger hit of chocolate flavor. Again, nothing outstanding, but hey -- even bad chocolate syrup can be pretty good. But if you got a really big blob of it in a spoonful as I did, it did make my throat burn.

The truffle bits? UGH! EPIC FAIL! I don't know what planet these slightly bloomed, oily and cheap tasting hunks of "chocolate flavor coated" monstrosities are considered truffles on -- but I do know I never want to go there. They were so bad I found myself eating around them.

In terms of overall texture this ice cream was almost grainy with ice crystals. It only became smooth once it had melted a bit. It also is not the richest ice cream I have ever had.

Minus the truly Godawful "truffles," it's not that this is the worst ice cream ever; it's just not very good either. It's like an edible version of the definition of mediocre.

You know what? I am an ice cream snob. Deal with it.


Vons Supermarket


Jim said...

haha I LOL'd at the EPIC FAIL comment :)

I am an ice cream snob aswell! So no shame in that Gi! :D


Gigi said...

My inner geek was showing (um, not hat I hide it well)

And yes, I have come to terms with the fact that poor quality ice cream and I are never going to be friends. If anything the best I can say is that I have friends who may have cheap ice cream in their freezer.