Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dreyer's/Edy's Apple Pie (Limited Edition)

Summer may be over. The big three summer holidays have come and gone, but we still have apple pie to remind us of those days at the BBQ and meals with our friends. And Dreyer's/Edy's has a new limited edition flavor -- and you may have guessed by now that it's Apple Pie flavored. If you didn't...um, not sure how you missed it.

Apple Pie, while not one of the "Fun Flavors," is another of Dreyer's products that is a "frozen dairy dessert" rather than actual ice cream. I have to say I hate this trend of non-ice cream products being somewhat disguised as ice cream. But I do give Dreyer's props for not claiming that the dessert is something it's not. Granted, it does involve reading, and if you are not seriously into ice cream you may not catch that there is even a difference.

Gigi's rant aside, let's talk about the Apple Pie.

Apple Pie is an apple-cinnamon base flavor that has chunks of pie crust and bits of apple pie filling mixed through out. The apple flavor is the type of apple flavor that you'd expect from flavored oatmeals or Metamucil fiber biscuits (What?! Gigi is getting old, people). It's fake apple flavoring at best (or at its best, depending on your point of view). The cinnamon is faint and not spicy. It's there, and that's about all that can be said about it. It's not bad, it's just not exciting.

The bits of apple pie filling are roughly Chiclet-sized and taste like canned apple pie filling. Very sweet, and in heavy syrup. The chunks of pie crust are pretty big and in ample quantity, but there's nothing about them that makes real pie crust so good. It's not flaky. It's not slightly salty. It's not graham cracker.

Texture-wise, like the Fun Flavors, it's very smooth. But since it doesn't have a very high fat content, it's not very rich or creamy. All in all, it's not a bad flavor, even with everything said. It's just not a very good one. Again, I could see kids loving it because it's super sweet. But it just didn't rock my world.

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