Thursday, September 24, 2009

Goetze's Caramel Creams Bulls-Eyes

Bulls-eyes are one of those candies that I like based more upon fond childhood memories than upon the actual candy itself.

Back in the day -- ye gawdz, am I really old enough to say "back in the day"? -- my father would get bags of them, and they were strictly his. Unless he shared...or I snuck one while he was watching the game. I am not sure what brand he used to buy (I did ask, but he couldn't remember), but it may very well have been Goetze's. If it wasn't Goetze's it was something pretty similar.

Bulls-eyes are semisoft caramels, slightly larger than a quarter, and about an inch or so thick. And smack in the center is a dot of soft cream.

The outer caramel layer is kinda funky and chewy. If you are expecting a smooth, creamy melt, this is not the candy you're looking for. In terms of texture, it sort of reminds me of a caramel flavored Red Vine. It's thick and doughy and there is sort of a wheat-like taste when you get beyond the caramel flavor.

The caramel flavoring itself is mild. If you've ever had one of Kraft's caramel squares, the flavor is similar to that, though not quite as sweet and slightly more milky. It has none of the deep, rich, burnt-sugar notes that a really good caramel has. It's more like something that meant to be caramel flavored than a true caramel.

The cream center of the bulls-eye is my favorite part. It reminds me of Oreo cookie filling, only not as dense. There's a faint vanilla taste (or perhaps it just seems like that when compared to the caramel). It's cool and smooth on the tongue -- well, mostly smooth but with just a slight graininess. By itself it would be too sweet, but it works so well paired with the caramel that it's my favorite part.

Is this the best caramel ever? Truthfully, no. Not even close. But there is something comforting and tasty -- and dare I say nostalgic? -- about them nevertheless.

Yeah, I admit it, they made me happy.

Be sure to check out Cybele's take on them (with some truly fab pictures) HERE.



Cybele said...

They are a great traveling food. They do really well in all climates. I once had some frozen from my luggage - awesome! And of course the cream center is fantastic after sitting in a hot car. They're very filling without that sugar rush to make you cranky an hour later.

Gigi said...

Cybele: Frozen- I have got to try that!

I truly love the filling. I wish Trader Joe's would do something similar with the Fleur De Sel caramels. How good would that be?!