Friday, April 30, 2010

Henry Goode's Soft Eating Liquorice

It is not exactly a secret to my readers that I am a big fan of licorice. It's also well known what brand I love best. But I am always looking to try new kinds, and when the folks at Henry Goode's asked if I was up to giving their Soft Eating Licorice a try, I of course said yes.

Each piece of licorice is a soft little log about 2 inches long. The logs are indeed quite soft and smooshy.

The smell from the waxed paper bag is subtle, sort of like molasses. So I bit into the log expecting a molasses-type sweetness. Instead I got a sweet (but not too sweet) yet strong anise flavor. No molasses in sight (or taste). Tastewise, what it really reminded me of was chewing on fresh fennel stalks. (Yes, we did do that at my house -- fennel was a favorite snack of my grandfather). Despite the fact that fennel is often mislabeled in stores as anise, the two herbs are quite different. (Fennel looks sort of like celery, only with a big whitish bulb at the bottom, and the leaves are feathery.) But what they have in common is anethole, which gives both herbs their similar tastes.

It's a very clean, very simple, fresh chew. It's not as strong as, say, your average black jelly bean. Nor is there any of the brown/sugar molasses taste of my beloved favorite. But I still loved the flavor.

The chew was good. A little sticky, but again, it's all good.

One of the best things to come out of England! (After Jim and Cinabar, of course.)

Sample from company


180 calories per 50 grams (I have no idea what that equates to in terms of pieces).


No added salt, contains wheat, suitable for vegetarians. Halal.


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