Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mountain Dew White Out: DEWmocracy 2010

Mountain Dew, if nothing else, really likes to pump out the special edition flavors. And they are also really big on fan feed back.

The first DEWmocracy was in 2008, and had three flavor choices that fans voted on. Those flavors were: Voltage, Revolution, and Super Nova. The winner was Voltage, and it was added to the Mountain Dew line (and is still available today).

In 2009 there was another version of DEWmocracy that was run slightly differently. Rather than merely picking which soda fans liked best, fans actually got to help design the sodas. For a lot more in-depth info on that, be sure to read Bev Review's post on DEWmocracy 2 -- they actually took part in the testing.

Edited 4/29/10:
My thanks to the good folks at both Bev Review and Mountain Dew PR for chiming into to correct some confusion on my part. I mistakenly thought that this campaign was DEWmocracy 3, when in fact it's still DEWmocracy 2. There are apparently several stages in the world of DEWmocracy, and this is stage 5 of DEWmocracy 2. I think I need Bill Maher to do a show explaining this to me.
At any rate, thanks for clearing that up, and I am sorry to anyone who I might have confused referring to this as DEWmocracy 3 (DOH!)

The three flavors are Distortion, Typhoon and White Out. Because my local Shell station is ghetto, they only had White Out. So we are going to review that one while I hunt down the other two. I realize my local 7-11 probably has it, but actually getting into that store pretty much involves being jumped into a gang. And I'm sorry, guys, but I am just not that dedicated...though I do look good in red...hmmm...

Anyway, White Out is described as being a "Smooth Citrus Dew." Isn't regular Dew citrus? The soda is indeed a cloudy shade of white, and it smells vaguely like regular Mountain Dew.

Tasting it, I was actually hoping I would agree with Marvo's take. In his review (read it here) he said it reminded him of Virgin Smirnoff Ice. Maybe I shouldn't admit this out loud, but I happen to really like Smirnoff Ice. (I know, I know, my head is semi-hung in shame.) Dammit, Marvo, you owe me a bottle of bitch beer!

I didn't get the sense of Smirnoff Ice at all. Instead, it reminded me of regular Dew mixed with potentially noxious amounts of lemon flavored jelly beans, with the sugar level -- well, the HFCS level -- turned up to 11.

Personally, this flavor is just way too sweet. There is also a funky fake lemon aftertaste. The carbonation level is perfect -- nice and bubbly but not too strong. And of course it's a Dew, so you know that there is more than enough of that sweet, sweet, caffeine to go around.

I won't be getting this flavor again, but I am going to look for the other two.

When you're ready to vote -- or if you just want more info -- check out the official DEWmocracy site here. (Warning: Flash Player 10+ required.)


Local Shell gasoline station




280 calories per bottle.



Marvo said...

Actually, I meant to say, which I corrected in my review, it looks like Smirnoff Ice.

Gigi said...

Does this mean I have to buy my own Bitch Beer?