Friday, April 9, 2010

Orbit Mist: Raspberry Lemon Dew


Orbit introduced the Mist line last year. The idea behind the gum is that it causes your mouth to get extra moist, giving you a "hydrating sensation" (aka more spit).

I have liked two of the other Mist flavors I tried; the Spearmint Spritzer especially.


When I saw the new Raspberry Lemon Dew flavor I had to try it. (Yeah, like I wasn't going to!) I love raspberry lemonade; and I figured that if the gum tasted even a little like that, I knew I would like it.


Smelling the gum -- because everyone smells their gum, right? -- it was like powdered raspberry drink mix. But chewing the gum, the flavor that you get is all bright lemon zest! I will grant you it's a pretty fake lemon flavor, but that doesn't mean it tastes bad. If you were really looking forward to the raspberry side of things, well...yeah, you can smell it, and it's sort of there for the aftertaste, but the flavor is nearly all about the lemon.


And that would be just fine-- we all know I love lemon -- except that the flavor wears off in less than five minutes. Not a beautiful thing if you're looking for a long chew.

A good enough flavor while it lasts, but there's just not enough staying power to make it worthwhile.


Albertsons Supermarket




5 calories per piece.


Contains many chemicals.



Tararose1972 said...

I have been addicted to the Orbit Mist Watermelon Spring for a while now and I had to feed my addiction and was pleasantly surprised to find Raspberry Lemon Dew. I also smelled it- hahaha and it is good, but like you said, the flavor is gone way too fast. It seems as though the new texture roll out a few months ago made it like chewing a tire after 20 minutes with no flavor, but none the less, it is my favorite gum. It helped me quit smoking, but now I crave gum.

Gigi said...

have you tried the Sweet Mint flavor? that is my #1 Orbit gum of choice. I was solely addicted to that until the 5 Solstice came out. Now I ALWAYS have a pack of that on hand.