Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eclipse Breeze: Exotic Mint

As we bring Gum Week to an end, we are going to give a final try to the Eclipse Breeze line. I was less than kind in the last Eclipse Breeze review. (Actually, I said I would rather taste stripper sweat.) But I am a trouper, so I am braving another flavor.

Exotic Mint, like its Exotic Berry sibling, contains cardamom. And again, cardamom is supposed to be really good at taking care of really bad breath.

I would like to implore the fine people at Eclipse to redesign the Exotic Berry to be more like Exotic Mint. In the
Exotic Berry, the cardamom overpowered the berry to the point that everything and everyone in five miles of you knew you were chewing it. But in the Exotic Mint flavor, they have struck the perfect balance.

The Mint is brisk and cool. It tastes sweet but not candy-like, and never gets close to being toothpasty.

The Cardamom is warm and spicy. There is enough that balances the mint, without it being the slap in the face that was the Exotic Berry. With this flavor, I can almost taste some of the flavor I love from Persian and Indian food. And like those flavors that I love, this one is also a winner.

When you want something minty that's not your average bear, this is a great flavor to go to.


Nicole said...

Still looking for this one to try...I like cardamom.

Gigi said...

I am wondering if this line got discontinued already. I went looking for another pack myself with no luck.

I got this one at an Albertson's market but had also seen it at several gas stations and Walgreens and now it seems to be nowhere.

Meghan said...

Loses its flavor REALLY fast. Makes breath taste worse. I'd rather keep my garlic mouth.

Gigi said...

If you don't mind my asking where were you able to find a pack?
I have been looking and in all my local stores it has been MIA for a while.