Thursday, March 26, 2009

Butterfinger Egg

As best I can tell there are actually three or four types of Butterfinger "Eggs" out there. This particular egg is the solid form made with Butterfiger pieces
I can understand why they did so many versions- everything tastes better in egg form.

I have always loved the flaky yet still crunchy, peanut buttery center of a butter finger bar. What I have never really cared for about Butterfinger bars is the chocolate coating. It's too sweet and too waxy for me. Nestle makes some decent if not right darn good chocolate (on they're European products mostly) so I just don't get why most of the standard U.S. Nestle products are covered in that I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Mockolate.

When I first picked up this egg I hadn't paid enough attention to the label and I thought this was like one big egg shaped Butterfinger bar- what it really is, is small clusters of butterfinger bits embeded in milk chocolate. You can sort of see the pieces in this picture:
I found myself wishing for less chocolate more Butterfinger Center. The milk chocolate is grainy- although that could be from traces of the Butterfinger bits. The chocolate is just too darn sweet. The pieces of the Butterfinger center are too small for me, the flavor of it is just a tiny hit of peanut butter and then it's gone. There is just not enough actual Butterfinger bits!

I can see kids loving these egg's but for real Butterfinger fans it's too much of a tease.

Albertsons Supermarket

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