Sunday, March 1, 2009

The French Market- Disneyland

Now that I have been able to once again join the ranks of Disneyland Passport holders I will be able to make regular trips to the parks again.
While I certainly don't consider myself a restaurant critic (or this to be a restaurant blog) I figured that enough people come to the park from around the world that I at least might be able to help steer them to some of the better options in the park. So from time to time I am going to sneak some Disneyland reviews in.

Prior to today's visit I hadn't been to either Disneyland or California Adventure in five years. One of the places that had always been reliable in the past was The French Market. Like many of the sit down places in the park it's "bufferteria" style- what they really means is think back to high school; Lunch ladies serving from steam trays. And picking desserts and salads off a little line. The food was never outstanding but it was good enough and a decent value for the price. It had a certain cheesy charm to it- it even got practically a whole chapter dedicated to it in a Baby Sitters Club book (BSC #23 "Dawn On The Coast"- damn I am old that I can even make mention to that series)

The menu is changed on a routine basis and normally feature 5 main entree choices, salad and soup (as well as mac & cheese or chicken mickey's for kids). Among today's options were some sort of salmon, skinless roasted chicken, pot roast, veg & four cheese gratin and jambalaya.
We decided to get a few things and share amongst ourselves. Since the menu changes so much I am not going to really go into great details on any of the actual items. What I will tell you that is while the portions are still as generous as they had been the taste and the quality is well... about what one expects from steam table food. If you really like cafeteria food you are sure to love this. Expect to spend over $10 but under $20 per person.

There is one thing that can be found pretty much at any of the food venues in New Orleans square that I love so I do want to mention it:
The Mint Julep. With the exception of the Ultra-exclusive Club 33 Disneyland is an alcohol free park (although it can be purchased at the Disneyland Hotel, pretty much any where in Downtown Disney and throughout the California Adventure park) The mint juleps served here are not the classic cocktail but instead it is a minty limeade type drink. I never make a visit to the park without getting one. They are just really refreshing.

Disneyland Park
New Orleans Square

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