Sunday, March 8, 2009

Haagen-Dazs Five- Mint

I LOOOOOVED the Brown Sugar Five so I went into the Mint flavor with high hopes
Just like it's Brown Sugar cousin the Mint has only five ingredients. What I loved about the Brown Sugar had been it's rich flavor and creamy texture. Sadly, the mint didn't quite make the same high marks.

The flavor is a very, very mild mint. It's not as strong as pretty much every other mint ice cream I have ever had- at the same time it has sort of a mouthwashy taste. I think if it had a stronger mint, or if there had been a dash of vanilla to round the mild mint out it would have been much better.

The texture is also different. Where the Brown Sugar had been dense and creamy the Mint is much more aerated and well fluffy. That said it's not that it was bad but it was not what I was expecting.

It's not so much that I didn't like it because it was bad, it just wasn't all that good. I still am looking foreword to trying the rest of the line because the Brown Sugar was just outstanding.

Albertsons Supermarket


Anonymous said...

I found the Brown Sugar FIVE ice cream to be salty and the texture to be too dense. Should ice cream that only has 5 ingredients taste just like homemade out of an ice-cream maker? This did not. I think Haagen-Dazs may make this ice-cream out of just those 5 ingredients, but HOW they make the product is different and that's something they aren't telling us.

Fraulein N said...

I found this to be too mild, too. It definitely needed something. I was tempted to try the Brown Sugar but thought IT might be too bland.

Gigi said...

Fraulein; As you can tell I didn't like this flavor at all. But I did LOVE the brown sugar. If you have ever had a Panda Licorice you know what it tastes like.
I do seem to be in the minority of fans this flavor has from what I have been able to gather.

fragmentedmentalconfetti said...

I just tried the 5 Mint ice cream today, and I LOVED it. I thought it was perfect!!!

Gigi said...

Frag- It's funny because with the 5 flavors I seem to be in the weird minority who didn't like the mint but DID like the Brown Sugar. In fact of the reviews I have read mine seem to be the only two that had those outcomes. I vow from here forward Haagen-Dazs can give my shares of the Mint 5 to you! (I am just a giver like that)

Julia said...

I know this is an older review for you (I discovered you this morning and am reading the entire blog - fantastic content!) but I want you to know that I totally agree with this review. I was so excited about the mint 5, and was sooooo disappointed. It should have been fantastic, and instead was so mild. Milder than bland, and I was ready to write off the entire line. I'm going to try the brown sugar one however, based on your review.

Seriously LOVE your blog!