Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fling- Milk Chocolate

I have rewritten my quasi-witty opening blurb for the Fling bar way to many times
Maybe it's just that everything involved with the bar, the wrapper, the website the store standee is just way too pink. It has this weird reek of trying to hard to be sexy when really it's mediocre looking and only ok. The appeal to the bars is supposed to be that are they are only 85 calories per Twix Style finger and yes, that somehow by eating them you too will be shimmery and hot. 85 calories a finger- but a serving is two fingers and that's 170 calories... let's keep that in mind.

The bar it's self is a meringue plank with a layer of truffle then the whole thing is dipped in milk chocolate. Yes, it is real chocolate- but it does have PGPR in it- not exactly top of the line chocolate. It is a pretty bar- the chocolate is slightly iridescent and I do like glittery things- although that doesn't give me any warm fuzzies for what it probably means to the taste. I have a feeling glittery and good chocolate are two things that are probably mutually exclusive.

So how did it taste?
You know those girls who are not pretty enough to completely coast on their looks but at the same time they weren't ugly enough to have to develop a good personality? this is the chocolate version of that girl.
I knew I was in trouble when the chocolate had that cheap, too sugary smell to it. Yes, the whole thing is reallllly sweet. too sweet for me. The "truffle" is smooth and it dissolves quickly (I don't want to say melts because it's gone to fast for that) Other then kind of chocolaty, kind of salty it doesn't have much of a flavor. What I did like about the bar is the marangue plank. It was crunchy and sweet, it was kind of malty. Hands down the best part.

This is not a bad bar but I would much rather take those 170 calories and have part of a Twix bar- now if only they would do a Twix where they switch the cookie with marangue! that would be good!

According to the Fling website Fling is currently only available in stores in California (lucky us) but it can be purchased on line.

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