Monday, March 16, 2009

Meiji Melty Kiss- Dark Rum

I have loved all of the Meiji Melty line that I have tried
There is just some thing irresistible about those little chocolaty sugar cubes. Today's Melty Kisses came as a sample from my friends over at Jlist.Com
According to the Jlist product info the Dark Rum flavor is only available once a year in the winter and it actually does contain real rum! (cause you know some times you need your chocolate and alcohol fix at the same time) Once you smell the candy there is no doubt that there is alcohol in the cube. If you have ever smelled Myer's Dark Rum it smells exactly like that.
The cube is covered in a dusting of cocoa powder. Like all of the other Melty's the texture is really, really smooth and melts quickly with a cool feeling on your tongue. The easiest way to tell you what it tastes like is to imagine rum soaked M&M's (I am sure the Mars people will love that analogy). The chocolate is sweet and you almost expect to feel the crunch of the sugar shell. The rum is woodsy and on the bitter side (as dark rum tends to be)
My only complaint is that the box mysteriously emptied within hours...

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