Monday, March 2, 2009

SOBE Lifewater- Fuji Apple Pear

One of the things I have found myself missing since I have been trying to be "good" about my diet (gee, um having a food blog makes that a little interesting!) has been fruit juice- apple juice especially.
Now, it is pretty darn hard to top Purity Organic Apple Juice but I have to give SOBE points for making a darn good apple flavored water.

The water is zero calories and naturally sweetened (I have to admit looking at the label I am not sure what exactly it's sweetened with). The water at first tastes like pear, there is that crisp, floral taste but it doesn't have that weird, kind of papery quality that I seem to find in pears. The end notes are all apple. It's a sweet juicy finish.

This is actually the first apple flavored water I have really liked!
Albertsons Supermarket


Tony, DIY Tech Blogger said...

It sweetened with erythritol, a sugar alcohol.

Beth Punte said...

I'm not able to find the Fuji Apple Pear in my local stores these days. I sure do miss it.

Gigi said...

Not sure what area you are in. If this helps, it is still being carried here in Southern California by both Vons & Albertsons.

I also checked the Sobe website ( and the flavor is still listed as active on the website.

Now I would really like a bottle... may need to do a road trip.