Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fling- Hazelnut Bar

If you read my review of the Milk Chocolate Fling then you already know minus the meringue plank I didn't like it...
I still have the Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate versions to work through (and the only times these reviews start to feel like work is when I don't like something). I am trying to have an open mind. Part of me is hoping that the Hazelnut version is something like a Kinder Bueno. The other part is hoping I at least sort of like it.

Lucky for me opening the bar led to a really pleasant roasty hazelnut aroma- which at least masked the overly sweet smell the Milk Chocolate version had. Yes, the chocolate it still shimmery, and it's still on the sweet side but the hazelnut creme helps to cut that.

The hazelnut creme is definitely on the hazelnut flavored rather the REAL hazelnut. There's coffee notes to it and thanks to the meringue there's a maltiness to it. There is no way you will ever confuse the creme with some of the higher quality hazelnut chocolates out there but in small doses it's really not bad.

The meringue plank is still the best part. In the end I actually liked these enough that I would buy it again.

Albertsons Supermarket

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