Monday, February 23, 2009

Haagen-Dazs Five- Brown Sugar

Five is a new line of Haagen-Dazs. The five refers to the fact that there are only five ingredients per pint!
Who doesn't love the idea of ice cream (or any food for that matter) with a list of ingredients you can not only pronounce but identify?!

I tried the Brown Sugar flavor first- and yes, you guessed it there were only five ingredients. There are no chunks or bits this is just a smooth ice cream (no complainants). The first thing that struck me is how incredibly smooth this ice cream is (kinda like I imagine Hugh Jackman's butt to be). There just seems to be a really high fat content (although the pint does say it has 30% less fat- less then what I am not sure. Regular Haagen-Dazs is my guess)

Flavor, this is like the ice cream version of Panda Licorice- and that is such a good thing (almost as good as Hugh Jackman's butt) there is a seriously deep molasses flavor. As you eat more of it (uh... I might have done that) it almost pick ups a coffee like taste.

Look, I could go on, and on about this flavor but really just go get some right now and then send me fan mail. You will thank me and then I can finish the pint without having to go through the motions of "writing" when all I really want to do is look at this:
and be eating. GO!- NOW!

Albertsons Supermarket


Anonymous said...

Hugh Jackman strikes me as someone whose butt would be kind of furry.

customer ratings said...

sounds pretty good, except for the comparison to jackman's bum -_-