Monday, February 2, 2009

Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding- Cinnamon Roll

Even here in SoCal where we seem to have had a never ending summer I think I will have to pull out my finest Cosby sweater to snack on some Jell-o pudding.
I love the thought of cinnamon pudding. Why isn't it a popular flavor?

The Jell-o Cinnamon Roll pudding has two layers. The first is supposed to be like the icing and the bottom is of course the cinnamon part. The top layer is sweet and does vaguely remind me of the icing off a Cinnabon.
What I really liked was the cinnamon layer. It actually reminded me of a really smooth and creamy version of the cinnamon sugar cream of wheat. It has the same mellow, sweet cinnamon- rather then a hot and spicy cinnamon. For a sugar-free fat-free snack it was pretty good!

I made pretty quick work of these!


Red Icculus said...

You put the spoon in the jello. Mwah-a-a-ah. (in my best Bill Cosby impression)

Char said...

Where can these be found? I haven't seen much variety at our local stores.

Anonymous said...

To me they taste like cinnamon roll dough. Not bad but there is something weird about it. What I would enjoy is a dark choco and coffee pudding