Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sugar-Free Jell-o With Antioxidants Raspberry Goji

The good people over at Jell-O couldn't have had better timing coming out with this flavor
I won't lie- my favorite way of having Jell-O is still in the forms of Jell-O shots... which is not exactly the healthiest way to enjoy it (wait- vodka is part of a balanced diet right?). I have been looking for low- cal, low fat snacks. It's pretty hard to get lower then 10 calories a serving!- and once again it's antioxilisius!

The Raspberry Goji, has a nice bright raspberry flavor. It's not quite as rich as say a raspberry jam would be but it is a nice floral berry flavor. There is also a taste that the easiest way to describe would be to say that it's sort of like Hawaiian Punch only not. I am not too familiar with the way Goji Berry tastes so there is a very good chance that could be the Goji.

This was a satisfying snack. Sweet enough to curb a sugar craving and perfectly diet friendly. I think I have to start giving a deeper look into Jell-O gelatin.

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Rachel said...

Haha. When you said "this was a very satisfying snack", I just imagined you doing a ton of vodka shots. It made me giggle.