Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loft House Frosted Sugar Cookies

If Clive Owen was a cookie he would be a Loft House Frosted Sugar Cookie
I warn you guys now that this is one of those reviews I can't even pretend to be objective with. I just love Loft House cookies so much that if they were a man you might walk in on me making out with them in a dark room... uh not that I put that much thought into it.

What I tend to not like about most ready made sugar cookies is that they are hard and weirdly eggy tasting. I am also not a fan of frosted cookies as a rule.

Loft House cookies are generously sized and very, very soft. The texture has more of a flake to it then a crumb. The cookie it's self doesn't really have a flavor. It's sort of the cookie version of white cake; it's there to be a vehicle for the frosting.

Now the frosting my friends... Once again Clive Owen, that frosting and I could cause a lot of trouble. The color of the frost varies by season (although there always seems to be blue and yellow) but regardless of the color it is always vanilla frosting. The easiest way to describe this to you is to tell you it's like vanilla frosting from the can- except firmer. The texture is creamy but there is a bit of grain to it but it never runs. That frosting is staying put to where ever it was placed on the cookie. I am one of those weird people that doesn't really care for canned frosting on a cake- but I love it on it's own, or on these cookies. The whole thing then gets a really generous splash of sprinkle.

These are one of those things that I love so much I can't buy them very often because they will magically disappear all to quickly. These get the elusive 11!

Vons Supermarket


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have any Sam's Club stores near you (similar to costco) but they have absolutely amazing sugar cookies in their bakery. Heads above lofthouse in my opinion. You should give them a try.

rebekah said...

that's so funny because i always feel kinda sneaky about my love for this cookie, but i freaking love these cookies...