Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lindt Chocolate Carrots

I was thinking that if I could dangle a chocolate carrot it might help me stay good on my diet
And these Lindt carrots are certainly cute enough- and they have these little plastic umbrella style holders that makes dangling convenient. It wasn't until I was home that I even realized that the carrots are chocolate with Hazelnuts, reading the label it's a hazelnut paste. With that in mine it mind me think that these would be sort of like a solid Nutella.

The chocolate is exceptionally smooth and creamy. There's a strong milky taste. I didn't pick up the hazelnuts the way I expected. It's not as in your face as Nutella, rather it's blended into the chocolate. The aroma is deep and roasty but the flavor is sweet and light. I liked it because it was just nutty enough, it let the chocolate shine though. I also liked that just the one umbrella was a satisfying portion. I'm hoping the Easter Bunny brings more.

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