Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quaker True Delights- Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry Bar

True Delights is Quakers new line of calorie friendly (only 140 per bar!) and trans fat free granola bars
What I have found the last couple weeks is that calorie friendly and tasty tend to not like to intermingle- so I have really been on the lookout for something that breaks that rule.

The True Delights bar was nice and soft- I really hate the hard style bars- which was a big plus in my book. It has a nice sweet, honey like smell. The bar is full of crasins and dried cherries. I had been expecting the cashews to be little small broken up pieces but they are actually nice big halves. The oats in the granola are mixed with bits of puffed rice and they have just a hint of a vanilla finish.

This bar IS delightful! It was just one of those bars that I could easily replace candy with. I normally like my granola bars chocolate covered- but in this case that would be overkill. I have added these to the entirely too short list of diet friendly snacks that I love!

It's an 11!

Sample From Foodbuzz

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