Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winner!! Campbell's V8 V-Fusion Giveaway!

OK, it's time to announce the winner of the contest!

George wanted to judge this contest, he really did. The only problem was that he hit the latkes pretty hard and was feeling sluggish. And as cats are apt to do, he spent the last 23 hours asleep...on my black sweatshirt...which now looks like it mated with a panda, what with all the white fur stuck to it...

So with George down for the count, what were we to do?

Well, a little known fact is that George actually has a brother! His name is Fmung, and he is a red-eared slider turtle.

Most of the time they keep their distance, as one of them is always trying to bite the other. But Fmung (pronounced exactly the way it is spelled) is the elder, so in theory he is the wiser brother. In reality, he is the bitter brother. He really wanted to be a Ninja Turtle but he is just really bad at martial arts (though he does look cool in a mask, so figure that one out).

Anyway, Fmung decided that he and he alone would be the sole judge of the contest. It was a tough choice that he spent minutes deciding (in turtle time, minutes are quite long). The dilemma: How do you pick between entries such as a teenage boy who gets a superhero costume meant for a little kid, and...

  • Vegetarians who are given a gift of meat?
  • The gift of inflatable faux-reptiles (Fmung was not sure if that was really cool, or really uncool, or so uncool it became cool)
  • George probably would have sent the cat calender back because he wasn't in it, but Fmung sympathizes because he would never have a cat calender on his desk either.
  • Receiving a vacuum cleaner as a possible suggestion for how to shape one's future. (I would hope it was a Dyson. My mother is very tough on vacuum cleaners and has even managed to kill a Kirby. But try as she does, her Dyson simply will not surrender.)
  • Fmung himself would rather like a penguin ornament, so he thought that was a pretty good gift to start with....

Well, you get the idea.

But one gift (or rather, the lack thereof) did stick out in Fmung's mind. And that was poor Meg, who got a gift card envelope, with no gift card at all. He thought there was something very Dr. Seuss about that, and that if anyone deserved juice, soup, and cute little things to carry the soup and juice in, it was Meg!

So congratulations to Meg! And a big thank you to everyone who entered. Meg, please send me a comment with your email address (it won't be published) and I will contact you for your shipping info. (BTW, I gotta hear from you by Sunday, December the 20th, otherwise Fmung will have to pick an alternate winner out of those who entered.)

Now, everyone leave warm fuzzy comments for Meg!

1 comment:

Gigi said...

YAY Meg wrote in!
Here's what she had to say:

Oh wow - friggin' awesome! I mean, it was a beautiful envelope and all, but uh, can't really do much with a piece of paper rather than spit my gum out in it. Hooray for v8!
Thanks! :)

Sorry, for posting your reply in this rather old fashioned way Meg, I was unable to edit your contact info out of the actual comment so we went old school cut & paste.