Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark White Chocolate Bar

Yesterday's Mint Week entry was Dove's Promises Peppermint Bark offering. I thought an interesting counterpoint to that review would be to try Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark White Chocolate bar today.

Confession: I actually bought this bar last year (well, not this exact bar), but never got around to opening it, let alone reviewing it until long after Christmas. And by the time I did, it was no longer in stores, and the bar itself had seen some better days. Hey, when you have a closet full of candy these things happen.

Anyway, Trader Joe's version of Peppermint Bark is a brick about the size of an energy bar. It has a bottom layer of dark chocolate, topped by a thicker layer of white chocolate. Just below the surface of the white chocolate enrobing hide little shards of peppermint candy.

Once again, trying each layer separately: The bottom dark chocolate is smooth and has a cool feeling on the tongue. It also melts fast. There's not much else to say about it. It doesn't have the strongest flavor. I mean, I can tell you it's chocolate and it is a little bitter, but that's about all I can say.

The white chocolate, on the other hand, makes up the bulk of the bar. I am not the world's biggest white chocolate fan, but I liked this bar. It's a super creamy white. Not oily, it has a rich mouth feel, and the melt is smooth. The peppermint flavor is also in the white chocolate -- and it's more of the full-bodied peppermint I had been hoping for with the Dove Bark. The little bits of peppermint add some nice crunch. I wish there had been more mint pieces, but it is still good.

All together now: The effect of eating everything in one bite? It's creamy. Nicely chocolaty. The mint is brisk. There's a nice little vanilla note.

This bar is addictively good!

Trader Joe's


Jim said...

Now this looks awesome!! Is peppermint bark in the 'IN THING' at the moment in the US?

Gigi said...

It IS awesome!
As for the peppermint, in the U.S. it's pretty much the flavor of the Christmas season as a rule (along with eggnog or pumpkin flavoring)