Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chewy Extinguisher Sour Citrus Candy

This was an impulse buy at Walgreen's...

The candy features three different levels of sour, and also has a bonus "Berry Sweet Relief" flavor that is supposed to extinguish the sour if you can't take it. Well, I was going to make this candy my bitch.

Seriously, there is yet to be a sour candy I have sampled that made me weep like a tween girl at the thought of one of the Jonas Brothers getting married (why do I even KNOW that fact?!) .

Tangerine is the first flavor and the least sour-- actually the box refers to it as "tangy." The flavor is like a cross between a strong orange Tic-Tac, an orange Popsicle and is also vaguely lemony. "Tangy" actually is a pretty fair way to describe it.

Then there's lemon--which is described as "sour" and is the next level of intensity. Think of lemonade powder, a lemon cough drop and a lemon Trix ball all mixed into one. It's a strongly lemony flavor. I say "lemony" because it's not a natural lemon in the least, but there is no mistaking what it's trying to be. The sourness is ratcheted up from the Tangerine, but it's hardly what I consider to be super-sour. It was about as sour as a Warhead candy.

Lime is the final of the sour flavors, and is supposedly "super sour." Personally, I think the lemon was stronger. In terms of flavor, it tasted as I imagine lime scented household cleaner would. It's lime only in the most basic sense. It's kinda like the lime-ish after taste that Alka-Seltzer has. And as I said, for what was supposed to be super sour, it was pretty weak.

The final flavor is the Berry Sweet flavor. It's supposed to be cool/sweet enough to kill the sour flavors should they overwelm you (bwahahahaha). It's your standard issue "berry" flavor. I couldn't tell you what kind of berry. Most likely a raspberry/strawberry combo. It is not especially sweet. Or especially good.

The flavoring on all varieties is only found in the outer panned shell layer. The inner portions of each are a soft, kinda jellylike inner center. Not exactly like a jelly bean...but if you've had any of the Twizzlers Pull 'n' Peel or Twerps, then you know exactly what the texture is like. If not...well, don't fret, you're not missing anything terribly memorable.

In the end the candy was OK. Not as sour as the box hyped, and not good enough that I would get them again. But for a candy priced under $1.50, I really can't complain.


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