Monday, July 27, 2009

Coconut M&M's Limited Edition

Way back in June (wait...does June count as "way back" yet?), Cybele got to review the new Coconut M&M's . Today, I get to be kinda as cool as her, because I got my own bag.

I knew from Cybele's review that these M&M's were merely flavored with coconut rather than M&M's with actual pieces/shreds of coconut in them. I considered this to be a good thing, because while I like coconut flavor, I don't like actual coconut.

The Coconut M&M's are of the larger variety. In terms of size and shape, they resemble the larger Peanut Butter M&M's (though not quite as big). In addition to the usual offset M's that the candy normally features, there are also little tropical themes.

The flavor seemed to vary between some of the M&M's. Some seemed to have a stronger coconut flavor to them. At its best the flavor reminded me of German chocolate cake. The coconut goes hand-in-hand with the milk chocolate. There's almost a caramel flavor that comes out. At its worst, in the few that seemed stronger then the rest, it reminded me of eating M&M's with fingers that had recently applied Hawaiian Tropic sun product. Fortunately, that really was the exception rather than the rule.

Overall, an interesting edition. I don't think I would ever pick this flavor over, say, the Peanut Butter ones (my fave since they took the Crispy variety off the market). But they do make for a fun summer flavor.



Bear Silber said...

That's too funny, you like coconut flavor but not the actual thing? So do you not like macaroons? German Chocolate cake? Coconut Creme Pie?'re missing out on SO many good things :(

What do you like that's coconut flavored?

You've given me the gumption to grab a bag of these...I thought they'd be gimmicky but I may just try them. I love M&Ms (who doesn't) and I love coconut (flavor and real)....I've actually had one straight from the palm on an island in the middle of the times :P

Jim said...

I want to try these bad boys so badly! Lets hope someone starts stocking them in the UK soon!

Gigi said...

Bear: Here's the thing; I will eat TOASTED coconut-- so anything toated such as macaroons or shrimp with coconut batter etc are all good. It's "raw" or moist coconut that I can't handle. It's the texture, I have actually gagged. Weird I know. And I do miss out on somethings because of it.

I like coconut flavored drinks, or baked goods that have the flavor in them (granted it is almost always fake)

My best friend is from St. Croix and he says until I have had one fresh off a tree I can't say that I don't like fresh (aka not toasted) coconut.

Do you make any dessert pizza's at your place? I bet you could do a lot with coconut.

If Candy Pirate doesn't get them let me know and I will get you a bag.

Gigi said...

OOOH forgot to add there are these generic Mexican cookies that I find every now and then that have a completely forgetful cookie base but an amazingly good marshmallow that is covered in toasted coconut-- add then to the list of coconut items I will eat.