Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Toppo 60th Anniversary Ghana Milk Chocolate

Toppo is yet another candy stick confection from Japan, along with Pocky and Fran. And if Pocky and Fran are cousins, then Toppo is like the prom night dumpster baby of the two. (But I mean that in a respectful way!)

On Pocky/Fran sticks the candy coating is dipped on the outside of the biscuit. In the case of Toppo, the outside is a hollow biscuit, and the center is filled with the candy.

This Toppo is -- not surprisingly -- filled with milk chocolate made from Ghanaian cacao beans. The outer biscuit is crispy, but flaky. Tastewise, it reminded me more of a pretzel than it did the neutral biscuit of Pocky/Fran. If only it had really been a salted pretzel! That would have been amazingly good!

The Ghana chocolate is very cool on the tongue. The texture is smooth and almost fluid. It's a sweet chocolate, but not too sweet, as some cheaper, lesser quality milk chocolate can be. Actually, this was just as impressive as Pocky and Fran. I really have got to go looking for more of the Toppo flavors now!

Kam Man Market, New York City.

I got mine at Kam Man in NYC, but my friends at J-List carry several of the different Toppo flavors!

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