Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mountain Dew: World of Warcraft Game Fuel Duel Flavors

I should come clean and admit I am not a gamer. Well, not unless you want to count when the first version of The Sims came out and I spent HOURS in front of that thing. I don't play WoW, but I am a WoW widow of sorts.

My best friend and a mutual friend of ours started playing a few months ago, and now every time I call him to do something he is in the middle of a quest with Friend #3 and I have to pry him away from his monitor (typically it involves bribes, often involving money or women). I am, however, a big Mountain Dew fan. Code Red is my Dew of choice, but I always like to try any of the new flavors. (Well, let's be fair...I am always excited to try new soda.)

The two new flavors are Horde Red (a cherry citrus flavor) and Alliance Blue (a wild fruit punch flavor). As in the actual game, you are supposed to chose a side. In fact, Mountain Dew is running a sweepstakes where by registering and choosing a side, you can win a prize every 15 minutes! Check out the official site here for all the rules, instructions and other things I don't have the attention span for.

Now let's talk about taste.

I started with Horde Red because...well, because it sounds a lot like Code Red.

The bright orange color gives an immediate clue that the flavor is going to be stronger on the citrus side than the cherry. And that is indeed the case. The citrus flavor is strongly orange based. The cherry notes are there, but they are WAAAY in the background.

It tasted oddly familiar--and with good reason. Yes, fans of the first Mountain Dew Game Fuel can rejoice: according to
Bevnet, Horde Red is a renamed reissue of the original Game Fuel. The best way I could think of to describe it is that it's like drinking liquid orange Runts chased with a shot of tart cherry. It's sweet...really sweet. But it is oddly addicting. I didn't think I was going to be able to finish the can, but I did.

Alliance Blue is like a cross between average fruit punch and blue raspberry. It also has the advantage of being the perfect shade of Romulan Ale blue (did I just commit some big nerd faux pas by crossing series?). And we all know that I think there's not enough blue food. I wanted to like this flavor more, because I liked the color more. And the flavor is okay, but it has an unfortunate aftertaste that is sort of like stale fruit punch meets old Fruity Pebbles meets household cleaner. Even so, I got through the can with ease. I may not buy this flavor to drink again, but I bet it is strong enough to make a really good ice pop! With blue in mind I really wish Dew would make a caffeine-loaded coconut/pineapple flavor. How good would that be?

My chosen side would be the Horde Red. I really liked the first Game Fuel, so getting to hang out and hype up with an old favorite was a nice treat.

I am going to use having the extra cans of the Alliance Blue as an excuse to go buy some cute silicon ice pop molds and try making Popsicles with it. In fact, I think I'll do it right now. After drinking two cans of Dew, I am now sufficiently wired to put on my running shoes and dash to WalMart (and back home again) in sixteen seconds flat. Hell, it's only a couple of miles away...

Be sure to check out Bevnet's review HERE.

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harleytexas said...

my review would be opposite of yours, liked the blue, didn't like the red.

Matt said...

Mountain Dew is schizo....

Do they even sell regular Mt. Dew anymore?

Mixing Powerade flavors with Sprite is getting old...I think they spend more time on the titles of the sodas rather than the flavors.