Friday, July 10, 2009

X-Treme Fruit Bites: Lemon X-plosion

Anything with overuse of the term "X-Treme" tends to give me flashbacks to 1997, when EVERYTHING was being marketed as "X-Treme."

Maybe I am just lazy and have never felt the need to kayak through a convenience store. Maybe I never felt the need to mix flannel and spandex (and no one else should either). In any event, lurking amongst the fruit leather at the store was this small pack of lemon jellies. I think they're intended to be one of those snacks that Soccer Moms feel less guilty about giving their little carpet sharks when they are begging for candy.

Each little disk is about the same size as a flattened M&M...or little lemon corneas. The color is a cloudy dark yellow (kinda like frat boy X-Treme pee). The texture is really interesting. At first it starts off almost feeling like a gummy. The outer shell is a bit coarse and it seems to be sugary (but it's not a sandy sugar). As soon as the heat of your mouth melts the outer shell off, the whole candy just dissolves.

Flavor-wise it starts off sweet (again, the outer shell), then the flavor quickly becomes more tart. I won't go as far to say that the lemon flavor is entirely natural, but it's not too artificial either.

I'm not sure what makes this "X-Treme," though. It's not super sour. I don't think it's any more sour than anything made with Tru Lemon. There's nothing really unusual in terms of texture, shape or color. But these bites are pretty tasty.

Albertsons Supermarket

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