Friday, April 25, 2008


This is not going to be pretty I am warning you now!
I like the Crystal Light On The Go packets. As a rule they are great way to make drinking my eight a day easier. I also love Pom brands pom/cherry juice so I thought this was win-win.
And taste-wise it is. The packets taste almost exactly like the Pom version, not as thick and not as tart- but also at a fraction of the cost per serving. I can live with that. To be honest I would almost prefer it.

So what's the problem you ask?
The first one was that the powder refused to easily resolve down into the water. It floated on the top like a tiny dessert island. When I was finally able to shake it into submission to my dismay I found that some of the powder that had gone astray was now staining both my kitchen sink and my hands. I was able to Magic Erase the sink. My hands however are still a very impressive shade of red.
If that wasn't enough my mouth is also stained. On a good note it is the prefect shade for me- on a bad note do I really need to look like I had permeant make-up done, and badly at that? Oh and if you make the mistake of getting it on fabric make sure it is not something you liked.

This would be great if not for the fact you have to drink in fear of wearing the stain of the mix forever.

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