Thursday, April 17, 2008

Greetings From Oklahoma!

It is day 2 on the road home to L.A.
Everything leading up to leaving had been pretty hectic as I am sure you can all imagine. Moving is always a pain in the ass and let me tell you arranging a move from over 1000 miles away is no easier.

Tonight's stop over is in Roland, Oklahoma. There is an Indian casino with an hotel and I could not resist the urge to burn some quarters on video poker...
It's just too bad that the machines in the casino neither except quarters or have video poker. Oh well. At least there was a rather impressive array of mullets.

The other highlight of this stop has been tasting something at a local diner called Chocolate Gravy. How could I not want to try something called chocolate gravy?
What did it look like? Well like this picture I Googled:
What did it taste like? warm, raw cake batter only less sweet and kind of greasy.
I could see where this has potenial to be really good. Does anyone have any good recipes for it?

I have some things in the wings to review and of course once I am home the reviews will get back to normal.
Happy trails!


Amanda said...

hahaha mullets...

Chocolate gravy sounds interesting!

Justin said...

Interesting. I had never heard of chocolate gravy until your post. Just one day later, Food Network's the Secret Life of... (breakfast in this case) showed chocolate gravy as one of the three staple gravys in the South. Have a safe trip!

Gigi said...

I think Oklahoma may be the mullet capitol of the world! Seriously is there some kind of mullet championship held there that I didn't know about?

I love that show! but I have to say after four years of living in Atlanta I never saw chocolate gravy any where so I am not sure how big of a staple it really is.