Friday, April 25, 2008

Hostess Chocolate Pudding Pie


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have an almost unnatural love for those little hostess fruit pies you find at gas stations & Kwik-E- Mart stores. There is just something about that glazed sugary crust and the gooey “fruit” fillings inside that I cannot resist. It’s like the food version of Hugh Jackman.

Anyway… when I saw the chocolate pudding version I had to snap it up!- C’mon! it’s the sugary crust AND chocolate pudding!. Sadly like most Hugh Jackman movies the outside of the package looked so much better then it’s contents (I still have not forgiven Hugh for “Someone Like You”- If I had been Ashley Judd and Hugh was walking about my apartment half naked for what seemed like 90% of the time you would not have found me whining and crying for about 99% of the time!)

Movie reviews aside (should I start adding movie reviews btw?) let’s talk about the pie.
The crust is still the best part. Sugary, as flaky as pocket pie crust can get, and just plain good. It’s the filling that is pure evil.

Oh it looks like chocolate, it sort of smells like chocolate but I don’t know where they got the taste from!
For obvious reasons I went in knowing that the filling would have to be a thicker pudding type filling rather then say the texture and consistency of a normal pudding cup. So when the filling was thick and sort of frosting like I was ok with that.
It’s the taste that killed me. The best way to describe it to you is to tell you to imagine the chocolate filling or frosting that is used on Pop Tarts- good so far right? (truth be told I like chocolate Pop Tarts) then add in the vilest envelope glue you have ever had. And THEN toss in some oily mocklate. And let me tell you folks the after taste lingers. I even thought maybe I got a bad one. Maybe it had just been sitting too long so I tried another one. Oh nooooo that apparently is how they are meant to taste.

Hostess WHY?! Why did you take something that could have been so good and make it so bad?

2 Truck stops along I-40 in different states.

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