Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Snickers Adventure Bar

"Snakes- why does it always have to be snakes?"
Indy, I know exactly how you feel- why does 'adventure' always seem to translate to coconut?
As you may recall I have a love/hate relationship with coconut. I love toasted coconut. Coconut in any other shape or form makes me want to gag... and guess what they use in the new Snickers Adventure bar.

The Adventure bar is a regular Snickers with the addition of coconut and chai flavoring. One of the first things you smell is the coconut but to my happy surprise is there no actual coconut to be found. This is good and bad, good because as I have already said I HATE "raw" coconut. Bad because toasted coconut in this bar would have been great. I have read online that the other "exotic" spice that the wrapper refers to is supposed to be chai. Personally it just tasted more like weak cinnamon then anything else. Oh, and did I mention there is an aftertaste?

I can tell you exactly what eating this bar is like. Imagine you are sitting by the pool on a hot summers day and after slathering on enough SPF5000 to keep you vampire pale someone tossed you an unwrapped Snickers- and you ate it without wiping the excess sunscreen from your hands. That's what it taste like.

It's not that I don't love the combo of chocolate and sunscreen as much as the next chick. Snickers had so much potential with this bar and they totally dropped the whip.



Valerie said...

I found you by googling this candy bar and you are so right.

It says nowhere on the wrapper that it's not a normal, GOOD snickers!

Gigi said...

Well to be fair the label does say "New Flavor Kick"- they just don't bother to tell you what that new flavor kick is. WHY is beyond me. It isn't like coconut isn't popular enough!

I still say they should have done toasted coconut!

Anonymous said...

Wow..that spf part is completely on point. So on point that I feel like I have to reply and say so.