Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nordic Sweets- Salty Licorice Fish

I am going to let these start by saying I like black licorice. I like salt. I like salty and licorice together

I however did not like this particular version. The fish themselves were soft and pliable which is just how I like my licorice. The texture was fantastic as a matter of fact!
The aroma reminded me exactly of Panda Licorice. If you have read my Panda review then you know I am a big fan.

It's the salt that killed me. When you place the fish on your tongue the first thing you get is an overwhelming, almost burning saltiness. Somewhere in the background (deep in the background) you can taste the licorice- sort of. I think if not for the salt it would be wonderful.

This has never happened before but I couldn't finish even one of the candies. I tried several times but but the salt was just too overwhelming for me.
Is there anyone out there who is a fan of these?



Christine said...

I am eating these fish as I type. I am enjoying every extremely salty mouthful.

My sons, however, tried them yesterday and thought I was trying to poison them both. So clearly it is not a taste for everyone.

Gigi said...

Christine: I WANT to like salted licorice- I just can't seem to find one that I like. I may have to visit my local Dutch store...