Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Haagen-Dazs Fleur De Sel Caramel Ice Cream

Next to the Pomegranate Chip this was the flavor I most wanted to try off the Reserve line
Salt accented caramel is one of the food trends of the last few years that I have been a big fan of. I just love how salt Set's off the sweetness of caramel.

This flavor is a caramel ice cream base with a caramel swirl and salt accented chocolate covered caramels.
No matter how Haagen-Dazs wants to word it this is basically their wonderful Dulce De Leche with the addition of the Fleur De Sel Caramels. Personally, I am a fan of Dulce De Leche so you will get no complaints on that from me.

No question the ice cream is good- what makes it great is the salt! the salt really stands out. The combo of the sweet ice cream with the edge of the salt is mouth watering. The chocolate pieces themselves are adorable!- they look just like tiny pieces of high end chocolate. The chocolate it's self is dark and the caramel inside smooth and melts into your mouth as you bite into the pieces.

I could have eaten this entire pint in one sitting if not for self control and the desire to fit into my wardrobe tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

yes! this is the best ice cream ever!!! i cant get enough of this kind. but im scared that they are about to discontinue this kind because i saw it say that at the store and i got the last one! i hope they keep selling this kind because this is the best in the world!!!

djshadee said...

They did discontinue it. Its the most awful news I have heard in a long ass time. I called haagen dazs and complained about discontinuing the best ice cream they have ever made. The olny way they will keep it is if enough people call in and complain about them discontinuing it. CALL NOW PLEASE stop this madness. I have checked over 100 stores in the last two weeks for this stuff. ITS GONE and aint coming back. Haagen Dazs will pay if they dont keep making this

Gigi said...

Ok this is by far the worst news I have heard all week- and I just found out I have an ass-crack of dawn all day long shift on Black Friday- but this is worse.

I have emailed Haagen-Dazs asking if there is any chance that it will be brought back as part of the core product line. That does happen from time to time.

The Creme Brulee flavor is an example of that. Creme Brulee was part of the 2003 Desserts Extraordinaire line.

Don't give up all hope just yet-- but I agree, email Haagen-Dazs and tell them you love the flavor, if there is demand for it I can't see them not bringing it back.