Friday, April 11, 2008

Tai Pei Shrimp Fried Rice

Getting ready for my move has gotten my already weird eating schedule even further out
of whack...
On my third trip to Wal*Mart of the day around 11:30 PM it hit me that I needed to stop and eat. Chinese sounded great but in this neck of the woods there is no place with anything remotely Chinese open past 10:00 pm so whats a girl to do.

Against my better judgment the Tai Pei box gave me a come hither look through the fogged up Wal*Mart freezer case. Yep, it is some cute packaging:
(that would be the chicken version- I couldn't find a picture of the shrimp)
And inside said box there is supposed to be a delicious mix of rice, shrimp, peas, carrots and baby corn with oyster sauce for some extra oopmh.

Well, I will say that it did smell pretty good when cooking. Sadly it did not smell as good up close. The rice was however surprisingly moist looking. And there are in fact a generous amount of both shrimp and veggies.

What did it taste like?
As expected it is no where near the same ball park as my local place- but to be fiar I was not expecting it to be. But I would say that it is on par with say Panda Express or any other fast food version of Chinese food. It is already pretty salty but doctoring it with soy sauce did improve things.
I didn't really like the shrimp. They tasted like they had been rehydrated and had a weird rubbery texture.

For cheap, microwavable fried rice (or fast food rice) it is not bad, but it's not good. It would never be my first choice but I have had worse.


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Hey there - I found a pic of the garlic shrimp for you: