Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chuao Chocolatier- Earl Grey Bar

I have to give the shout out for this review to the always fab Cybele of Candy Blog. It was her mouth watering reviews of the Chuao line that made me dream about tasting them myself.
Sometimes it's funny how I come across some of the candies I try. In this case I was actually at a local Vons supermarket hunting down Ciao Bella gelato and since this is not my normal supermarket you all just KNOW I HAD to look at the candy. Well to what did my wondering eyes appear?, since it's too early in the year for rain deer if you guessed a bar of the Chuao Earl Grey then you catch on pretty quick.

Yes, there it was amid some of the more banal offerings. The Earl Grey bar is a milk chocolate based bar that has been infused with Earl Grey tea (hm, might be where they got the name...) once you break into the foil pouch take a nice big wiff. There is a beautiful smokey, slightly floral aroma coming from the bar.
The bar is broken up into small, square segments. Each just the perfect size for allowing to melt on your tongue.

I LOVE the chocolate it's self. It is an excellent quality milk chocolate. A beautiful, smooth melt. Rich, full dairy notes and it is sweet but not so sweet that it is distracting. The tea flavor is very subtle. There is no mistaking that it is there but it is in the far background. The citrus elements of the tea are what come though the strongest.

A terrific bar. It is nice to see another high quality chocolate with interesting flavor combination's out there.

Vons Supermarket


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Hmmm im massivelly sceptical about the whole tea flavoured chocolate trend...I haven't tried it yet so I guess its something I will have to sample before i comment on!

From what you say this might be a good bar to start with!

Thinking about it now I was pretty wary of the whole Chili and chocolate combo..but it turned out I really appreciated that! So maybe just maybe I will like this one aswell!! A perfect SYNERGY maybe??? lol word of the day that!


Gigi said...

I think your new favorite word is Synergy! LOL

I would be interested to hear your take on tea and chocolate. I have to ask are you a heavy tea drinker or do you do coffee?

So far my favorite has been the Startbucks Chai Truffles- you have got to give them a try!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Gi - right ive earmarked those Stabuck Chai truffles! Hopefully i will be able to get them here in the UK.

oh and as for Coffee or tea.... :O :O no contest COFFEE to the MAX!!