Monday, July 14, 2008

Romulan Ale

Hey it's blue! and you know me and blue items!
Last week I made a day trip to Vegas to see the wedding of two friends. After the wedding I had to make a visit to the Las Vegas Hilton because they have two of my favorite things on the planet- Barry Manilow and Star Trek. Sadly fellow Trekkies after Sept 1 2008 the hotel will no longer have Star Trek as the attraction will be closing after 11 years. If you have not been, now is the time to make the trip.

One of the cool parts of the attraction is that they have a full size version of Quarks from Deep Space Nine. Honestly, the food is over priced and on the crappy side but they do have a very interesting drink menu (and you get a chance to interact with Klingons!- and who doesn't love Klingons?) One of the bar offerings is Romulan Ale.

Romulan Ale is a light amber that is blue colored. Taste wise... well let's just say I can't prove that it is merely blue tinted Bud Light but it sure does taste like blue tinited Bud Light.

Let's be honest. This isn't bad but it's not great. It is however cool for the novelty factor. If at all possible make the trip to Vegas for a pint while you still can.

Las Vegas Hilton

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Darrin said...

I'm a Trekkie of sorts and loved everything STAR TREK at The Hilton!! And I must admit.. I bought a six pack of Romulan Ale to take home! I gave most out to friends, but saved one bottle for myself which still graces my shelf to this day.