Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walkers Shortbread Lemon Thins

That alone is enough to perk my interest. The good folks over at Walker's sent me over a big box of shortbread goodness to review and out of all the box had to offer I went right to the lemon flavored ones.

I loved these! They are light and flaky. You can actually taste the real butter that Walkers is famous for using in they're shortbread. And even though it is much thinner then the normal Walkers the same great taste is there.

The lemon however is the stand out. It's has a true zesty lemon flavor. Not that fake faux-sweet lemon that cookies sometimes have.
Maybe it is just wishful thinking on the part of my taste buds but what this shortbread reminds me of are my beloved discontinued Girl Scout Lemon Chip cookies sans the chips (oh if only they had lemon chips in here)

Thank you Walkers!
Sample From Company

1 comment:

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Man I love Shortbread!!! Its something about the sugaryness with the slight lick of salt *droooools*

Not too sure about the lemon though!

Isnt GiGi a lucky thing getting all that shortbread :P im just jealous