Friday, July 18, 2008

Guest Review!- Black Cherry Gumball

Folks we have a Gigi Reviews first here! We have a fantastic gum review that was written for us by the very cool Shmoel who runs the blog Maison de Gumball
Without further dudes I present you the review:

With black cherries few and far between this season, I thought it fitting to review a gumball to fill that void. I picked, of course, the Black Cherry gumball from

I hoped that these black and red globes would help me to control my cravings for crispy, juicy flesh of a black cherry. By the looks of my barren refrigerator, I was staking the day, nay the entire summer on the fruit-flavored orbs sitting before me. I opened the box to uncover a gumball that certainly did not resemble a black cherry (perhaps its color was related in a second cousin twice removed sort of way). It lacked the stem, which is my constant assurance of a cherry's freshness and respectable origin. It lacked the sheen that characterizes only the most superb specimens of prunus serotina. And much to my dismay, blood colored juice did not ooze over my lips onto my chin upon first bite.

So, it wasn't a cherry; it was a gumball. Not a big deal, right?

Right. This gumball was delicious. It certainly did not replicate the sheer deliciousness that is the black cherry, but it did seem to satisfy my taste buds in ways that few other gumballs have managed. With each imprinting of my molars into the globe's now rubbery surface, my oral cavity seemed to fall more and more in love with this ball, which more seemed to resemble a bowling ball than a gumball. It was like a cherry (well, not really) but infused with sugar then doused with more sugar.

After the taste of that first ball subsided away, I took another. Then another and another. Before I knew it, a pile of shriveled gum had emerged beside me. This pile of trash was now only a faint reminder of a long ago chew.

Fading into the mists of history, this summer will be remembered only for its most remarkable attributes. A grave lack of black cherries? Well heavens no! 850 delicious, sugar-infused, cherry-related chews? Oh my yes.

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