Monday, July 21, 2008

Squirt Citrus Power

Regular Squirt was one of the little things I had missed while living in Atlanta. I don't know if Grapefruit soda as a whole isn't very popular there or if in a soft drink market ruled more so by Coke then the rest of the world (Atlanta is Coca-Cola's headquarters in case you didn't know)it just didn't have a prayer, but in any case the end result was I didn't see it for four years.

I was intrigued when I saw this new version on the shelves. Traditonal Squirt is caffeine free and not only does this version have caffeine but it is also spouting "power", heck how could I not want to try it.

Squirt Citrus Power is actually one of the handful of soda/energy drink hybreds like Vault or the RIP Moutain Dew MDX. It boosts the caffeine levels of an enegry drink with added taurine and a bunch of B vitamins. Everyone needs more vitamins in their soda.

Let's get to the important part. How does it taste?
Well, it tastes like Squirt only not. I, for one like the robust, slightly bitter flavor of regular Squirt. Squirt Citrus Power is more mellow. Just a bit sweeter and saltier. The after taste is also different, personally I thought the aftertaste of the Citrus Power version was almost melon-like. No idea how I got melon out of citrus but that's what it reminded me of.

I liked it. It gave me the energy of an energy drink but without that kids asprain taste. It was sweet but not too sweet and it was close enough to regular Squirt that it's like drinking soda.

Jay's Shell Station Monrovia, Ca

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