Tuesday, July 15, 2008

M&M's Premiums- Mocha

My photo does not do these candies justice.
To see some beautiful pictures of the entire Premiums line check out Cybele's review http://www.typetive.com/candyblog/category/mms/
So what do these taste like?
Would this be one of those things that are pretty on the outside but empty on the inside? (cough George Clooney cough)

No, these were great on the inside and the outside!

The first thing you notice biting into them is that there is not really a candy shell. There is a shiny protective coating. The texture is interesting it's very fudge like. I missed the candy shell at first but after a few M&M's I decided that I like this version better.

The milk chocolate seems to be richer and less sweet then on the normal M&M's which was a good improvement. The coffee flavor comes right through. Yes, it is on the fake coffee side but they kept it just a tad on the bitter side

While these are pricier then regular M&M's (I paid $4.99 for mine) I liked them so much that I can easily see getting these for my M&M fix. Coffee flavored M&M's have long been on my flavor wish list and these were well worth the wait! In fact these get the rarely given 11!

Albertsons Supermarket

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

These are causing homer simpson like drooling from me :O :O Y
these look stunning