Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sipahh- Chocolate Straws

I can be hard on some of the products that are redeigned versions of they're normal counterparts for being redundant or just plain lazy (yes, I am talking about you Jello Singles)
But this is one version that I can see the point to- and where it would make the lives of busy parents/caregivers easier and cleaner.

The Sipahh Straw is a cool little gizmo that has flavor, such as chocolate enclosed in the straw it's self- here is a picture from the Sipahh website:
The "flavor beads" are sealed into the tube so you get flavored milk with zero syrup mess. They also only add 10 calories to your glass of milk (or milk type product).

So how does it taste?
Well, you won't be mistaking it for Hershey's chocolate milk any time soon. It reminded me more of the way left over milk tastes after eating Cocoa Puffs then true chocolate milk but even with that it was still tasty- just different. Trying the chocolate has made me want to try the banana. As someone who has to force herself to drink milk for the calcium this was a fast, easy way to spice things up with no fuss.

Albertsons Supermarket

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