Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brookside Chocolate Bowl Dark Chocolate Pomegrante

If nothing else this candy wins the longest product name spot.
Actually, I have had my bag of BCBDCP (because dammit I am just not typing all that again) in my review stash for a couple of months now. I kept telling myself I was going to break into the pouch but, for whatever reason it just wasn't happening.

I was actually craving dark chocolate tonight and went looking through the stash and decided tonight was the night (cue bad Rod Stewart song here).
sticking my nose into the bag I was rewarded with a nice musky, fruity aroma. No matter how the taste worked out the smell was incredible.

The candies themselves are awkward little orbs of somewhat glossy dark chocolate. The chocolate is a little gritty but there is a surprisingly thick coating of chocolate on each piece. The chocolate is also pretty good. Not overly bitter and there is a decent melt.

Going from the picture on the pouch and from the description stating that the candy had "pomegranate pieces" folded into the chocolate. I had been expecting the candy to be actual Pom seeds covered in chocolate. What it actually is, is more of a "chip" of Pom pectin. That doesn't sound too good, but it does taste pretty spiffy!
It reminded me of a somewhat solid version of Pom-Cranberry juice. Looking at the ingredients, well wouldn't you know there is in fact cranberry juice in the filling.

Even though I was intially disappointed that there were not actual Pom seeds in the candy I ended up loving this candy. I would love to see how it bakes up in cookies so I may do an update once it is under 90 degree's in my kitchen!



Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

These look delish!!! They sound like the sort of thing TJ's could do so much better though! You definatly have to try these out in some cookies - I bet they would taste glorious! GiGi where have you been for the last week or so!? Have you been busy?

Gigi said...

I bet you are right Jim. TJ's probably could do a killer version. I am still putting together a package for you so I will have to toss in a bag of these!

Did you miss me Jim? lol
Seriously, one of my coworkers has been out sick so I have been working weirder, longer hours then normal.
I hate going this long between reviews! This coming week should be much better.

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

GiGi oh no sounds like your under the cosh at the minute! I must say im gettin terribly excited about this package - seriosuly its above and beyond thanks so much.

I hope work quietens down soon so we can enjoy some more your reviews!