Friday, July 25, 2008

Dove Desserts Promises- Tiramisu

Every once and a while I see something in the store that makes me squeal like a "tween" at a Hannah Montana concert...

And yes, seeing these Dove Promises did that. Maybe, I shouldn't admit things like that so openly.

Anyway, we all know Gigi loves her some Tiramisu. I will try just about any bastardized version out there. Unfortunately, most of them turn out to be not so good. But I am always hoping. I am going to keep hoping.

How did the Dove turn out?
The aroma was not promising (no pun intended). It smelled like cheap, tiramisu flavored supermarket coffee- you know the one's lined up the you grind yourself. Also not encouraging is the face that the dark chocolate of my Promise was dull and starting to bloom. Biting into the Promise the chocolate crumbles and the center oozes a caramel colored cream. The cream is smooth and sweet- but it it tastes like sweetened sour milk.
Sadly, the whole effect is not that far off from just munching on some of those coffee beans we were just talking about.
Even the chocolate it's self was, well it was not so good. I normally am very fond of the Dove Dark chocolate promises but the chocolate here was dry and bitter. I am seriously wondering if I just got a bad box because I just don't want to believe that Dove could be this disappointing.

The other new addiction to the Promises line is Banana's Foster so I am going to be reviewing those shortly. Here's to hoping those are better!


Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Damn these are another one of those products that just sound divine but are flawed in actual product.

We were discussing Dove chocolate on CM the other day and the consensus was that it was generally pretty good suprised to hear it was below par here!!

I have simply have to find the best coffee and chocolate combination! I dont suppose you can shed any light on any good options could you G?


Terrormisu said...

I'm a complete whore for tiramisu! I've went on many a "Tiramission", seeking the very best in existence. A lifelong goal, it is. It sucks that the dove version was disappointing. Unfortunately, I'll probably end up trying it anyway. I am hopelessly bound to that heavenly dessert.

By the way, I love your site. Your reviews are witty and insightful. Keep up the awesome work!

Gigi said...

I read that post! and I have to agree as a rule Dove chocolate is almost always excellent. I really, truly want to believe I just got a bad batch.

As for the best coffee and chocolate combo I just tried something that I consider to be the single best version yet- and that would be Trader Joe's Espresso Chocolate- I will have the review up really soon!

First I LOVE your name.
Like I said to Jim, I am hoping that my box was just bad but these were pretty awful if it wasn't.

Thank you for all your kind words!

Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Gi - Ive actualy reviewed those Trader Joes Espresso Cofee Chocs awhile back!!

I thought they were pretty grand...just needed a bit more of a coffee hit if i remember correctly!

Elizabeth said...

I thought they were OK. Dove's basic chocolate is so good, it really helps. I found I needed to eat these in pairs to avoid any funky aftertaste.