Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jack In The Box Kona Coffee Shake

Why do more west coast places not offer coffee shakes?
Even in Georgia I could find coffee shakes easily but out here in good old SoCal the coffee shake pickins' are slim. Jack In The Box has been advertising they're Kona Coffee Shake pretty heavily so when it was time for my fast food dinner I opted for Jack over In-N-Out based purely on the shake (don't get me wrong Jack has some good burgers to- they are just not In-N-Out)

If I had any fantasies that the shake would indeed have the rich, deep goodness that a real cup of Kona coffee does, well that was very quickly shattered. That said it is a very sweet, light coffee flavor that makes for a pleasant shake. Actually the taste reminded me exactly of 'coffee milk' (think chocolate milk but with coffee flavored syrup in place of chocolate) which we made as kids with Coffee Time syrup:

Thinking for the shake in those terms it was pretty good. Expecting actual Kona quality from the coffee was just asking too much. Even if the coffee on the artificial side of the taste spectrum I still liked it enough that I would order it again.

Marvo over at The Impulse Buy tried one not too long ago as well. He was less enthused about it then I but be sure to read his review HERE

Jack In The Box

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Coffee and dairy should not be mixed!!! Well actually I enjoy coffee ice cream but that aside coffee should just be drank black and hot :D :D I simply cannot start a day without a black filter coffee! We dont have these 'coffee shake' things in the UK - I guess I wouldnt mind trying one!